I shouldn’t be starting a blog.

  1. I am mom to a three-month old. In the world of no time to myself, why oh why would I choose to commit myself to something else time-consuming? Finding moments to shower, use the bathroom, or shovel food in my face are already hard to come by. As I type this out, I am aware that I am trading out one of those things.
  2. I don’t have a title. I wouldn’t normally call myself a perfectionist, but for whatever reason, I have it in my head that in order to start blogging, I need not only the perfect blog title, but a beautiful website with my own domain name, at least five ready posts, beautiful pictures, and cute little nicknames for each of my family members. If I keep waiting for that to happen, I’m never going to write.
  3. I’m insecure about the knowledge I want to share. I know I want to focus on health topics ranging from healthy eating to dealing with stress to just general happiness. I want to teach as I learn and as I implement healthier habits into my own life, but I have this fear that even with this wealth of knowledge that I already have, that I’m somehow unqualified to share it. Maybe it’s an irrational fear, but it’s there.

All that being said, here I am. An email in my inbox from Real Food Liz reminded me that I have passions I want to share with the world. These are passions that ultimately I would like to contribute to my livelihood someday.

I’m going to implement small habits each week to work towards building the life I want to live. I figure that each of them should be small, manageable goals that can build on each other. I think that this might be my first goal. I’m committing myself to a minimum of one post per week. I’ll find the time, embrace imperfection, and swallow my fears.

Wish Me Luck,